A Top 10 List for Thanksgiving

The Top 10 reasons I am thankful I am a primary care physician (tongue-in-cheek, Letterman-style):

10. I have a corner office

9. I share this cozy corner office with three colleagues, while the poor orthopedist down the hall sits lonely at his large-custom made desk in his spacious room.

8. I have an active brain. As the old saying goes, “use it or lose it.” (But I occasionally wonder if I will sustain a new form of repetitive use injury).

7. Paying off medical school loans in monthly mortgage-sized increments teaches me the value of money.

6. I get to go to the bathroom during a 2-minute break at lunch.

5. I get to be a second opinion to Dr. Web, Suzanne Sommers, Dr. Oz, and Oprah, among others.

4. I get to see and hear almost everything under the sun.

3. My efficiency at listening and talking has spilled over into my personal life. At parties, I have an internal clock that tells me that time is up and I have to move on to the next guest.

2. My sleep-depriving career has kept me from developing insomnia.

1. I am at lower risk of getting hooked on drugs than an anesthesiologist.

All kidding aside, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Stay safe, healthy, and warm!