Possible insight into why South Asians have a 6-fold higher risk of diabetes

Thankfully, I like to run. That is, when I can find the time. But now I am really thankful I got into running earlier in life and made it a point to keep it up. Here’s why:

Both of my parents (inactive outside of working physically demanding jobs) developed diabetes, and I feel destined to get it at some point. If I even come close to having Impaired Fasting Glucose (a fasting blood sugar of over 99), I am sure it will just be a matter of seconds before I start insulin therapy. Ok, I’ll admit, I have had a (heretofore) unfounded paranoia. But, sadly, there appears to be a basis.

A BBC NEWS article published online today reports that a team of researchers from Glasgow University have found that people of South Asian descent have muscles that do not burn fat as well as their European counterparts. The expression of genes responsible for fat metabolism has been found to be lower in the muscles of South Asians, thereby increasing the risk of insulin resistance, which plays a role in developing diabetes.  


Thanks to this article, I feel guilty for missing 3 days of running due to the cold-that-is-going-around. Well, it is now 9pm, I wonder if I can get a run in….