A Health-Related Art Exhibit in Philadelphia

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area between now and the end of July 2011, check out a unique exhibit of historical health advertising from the late 19th-early 20th century at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Today’s New York Times Science article, “Spoonfuls of Medicine, Marketed for Centuries” has a couple great links. One link provides a slide show of a few of the posters being displayed. The other is a link to a video showing an animation of a piece of German artwork described below:

But the star of the show may be the single image intended neither to cajole nor to terrify but to educate and amuse. The five-volume anatomy and physiology textbook that the German physician Fritz Kahn brought out in the 1920s was illustrated with a poster-size folding color plate depicting “Man as Industrial Palace,” a work that combines the Lilliputian charms of “Where’s Waldo?,” Willy Wonka’s factory, the world’s best dollhouse and a really good pinball game.

– Abigail Zuger

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One thought on “A Health-Related Art Exhibit in Philadelphia

  1. Looks fun! Unfortunately, no trips in the near future, to Philly or otherwise. As to some of the local bands (hate being put on the spot with that question, because my mind runs all over), World History (lo-fi boy/girl duo), Dave Bazan (singer songwriter), J. Tillman (singer songwriter with a country twist), Grand Hallway (beautiful orchestral indie pop), The Murder City Devils (rock), Damien Jurado (singer soungwriter with old timey country slant); Death Cab (but who doesn’t love them); The Pale Pacific (fun pop), and a bunch of local metal 😛 Happy listening!

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