A Message Worth Repeating

I thought to myself, “I am not going to post a link to this article. It has been circulated many times already on Twitter over the past week.”

But I read it. Not once. Not twice. THREE times. I shared it on Twitter twice.

And I changed my mind.

When doctors recirculate a blogpost over and over again, especially one about such a thing as death, they are sending us all an important message.

So, I share it here with you, as well:

How Doctors Die

After you read the article, if you do not know what a POLST form is, please see this link.

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2 thoughts on “A Message Worth Repeating

  1. Thank you Doctor for repeating this message. At 41 I had surgery for colon cancer and at 51 I had 5 weeks of radiation therapy and seed implants for prostate cancer. Thankfully these procedures went well but almost 3 years ago I had a wonderful surgeon who saved my life by NOT operating on me! For 3 painful days I had an intestinal blockage but my doctor believed that the surgery would be more dangerous,because of the scar tissue, than trying to see if my intestine would clear on it’s own. He told me it was one of the toughest decisions he had to make because he was trained as a surgeon. I think of him every St. Patrick’s Day. My Jewish surgeon saved this Irish Catholic’s life on March 17th..
    PS Looking forward to a “cancer free” 61!!

  2. I think this subject has struck a nerve, and it’s worth wondering why. Perhaps many people read corrective information in the media in response to Sarah Palin’s “death panels.” Maybe people are becoming more comfortable thinking about their own death, which has been a taboo subject in our youth-oriented culture. Maybe people realize they have a choice between dying at home with dignity or dying in a hospital without it. The issue is not saving money and reducing the costs of health care. The issue is admitting they we will all die and making our preferences for those final months and days known to our family and physicians.

    I can tell this struck a nerve by the statistics at my bit.ly account. Usually my tweets get retweeted 2 or 3 or maybe 11 times. This tweet was retweeted 619 times.

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