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A Marriage Made in #HCSM Heaven

Priscilla Chan probably knows that she is going to be watched. What she may not know is that it won’t be the paparazzi alone who will be watching her closely. No sooner did Chan get married to the most famous … Continue reading

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MDs: Advice for the Next Generation

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet with local medical students as part of an American College of Physicians (ACP) mentorship brunch. I sat with a small group of second year medical students ready to impart my “wisdom.” Mostly, … Continue reading

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A Surgeon, an Anesthesiologist, and a Med Student. A story.

I recently discovered a blog written by a surgeon who works in South Africa. His writing style is excellent and it is worth reading. One of his most striking (and as a warning, graphic) posts is what I came across … Continue reading

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Scalpel, Forceps…Pen?: The Role of Creative Writing in Medical Education

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reported a trend on teaching humanities in medical school to comply with a recommendation to teach compassionate care. While clinical acumen is important, empathy is a trait that really enables a physician … Continue reading

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