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It was a quiet year….

Two Thousand Thirteen was a quiet year for my blog. But it was a busy year of doctoring with 10-12 hours in clinic most days, an additional 2-3 at night, plus a few hours on most weekends. [We can analyze why over … Continue reading

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“Surely there is something absurd when a nation pays a primary care physician poorly relative to other specialists and then wrings its hands over a shortage of primary care physicians.” – Princeton University economist Uwe Reinhardt source: New York Times … Continue reading

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Vaccines and Public Health in the U.S.: We Need a (Celebrity) Hero.

“I was also fearful as a new mom but as a student of public health, I understand the evidence-based research now.” – (author to be disclosed later in this post) The above statement was made in reference to vaccines a … Continue reading

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Never Let Them See You Sweat

One workday a few years ago, I had to be at a semi-formal family function by a certain time. Of course, of all clinic days, this one was even more hectic: multiple consultant phone calls, phone messages marked with “red … Continue reading

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By My Side

EMRs and iPads may come and go, but I can count on one thing. I realized this last week, when I walked into a couple exam rooms without it. I felt suddenly naked and out of sorts when I entered … Continue reading

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