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A Marriage Made in #HCSM Heaven

Priscilla Chan probably knows that she is going to be watched. What she may not know is that it won’t be the paparazzi alone who will be watching her closely. No sooner did Chan get married to the most famous … Continue reading

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Are doctors on television just hams?

I recently came across a blogpost entitled “Everyone is Taking to the Camera- Pass the HAM please.” In it, the writer (a published author) says: I have never seen more Doctors, Lawyers, Judges and ex-politicians on television than I have in … Continue reading

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Social Media Adoption by Physicians. It’s A Little Like Quitting Smoking

Today, Mark Britton, CEO of Avvo (a physician rating site that also provides answers to health questions), gave a presentation to our clinic regarding the role of social media in healthcare. He gave an excellent background on the evolution of … Continue reading

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Filtering Helps E-patients, per MIT Media Lab

For those interested in a contrasting viewpoint – because there are always at least 2 ways to look at an issue – to my recent post about the potential effect of the “filter bubble,” I am using this post to present the other … Continue reading

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The Internet and Delusional Thinking: A Take on the Effect of the “Filter Bubble”

Some suggest that social media is full of illusions. Real life people creating an alternate reality through the web and social media is not unfamiliar. Sometimes the alternate reality becomes so infamous it creates real danger and harm, as in the … Continue reading

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Social Media to the (Timely) Rescue

Yesterday, I read an e-mail from someone who wanted my thoughts on an article entitled, “Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice” The article published on HubPages.com  (which, by the way, “Helps Everyday Experts Publish & Earn”) was scientifically unsound, … Continue reading

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