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Useful links on Measles and vaccination (supplementing Seattle Times column)

My column on measles and vaccination appeared in this past Sunday’s Seattle Times. Here are some informative links to articles to help continue to inform/educate the reader on this important topic: CDC information on measles Benjamin Franklin’s story Infographic 5 GIFs … Continue reading

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Vaccines and Public Health in the U.S.: We Need a (Celebrity) Hero.

“I was also fearful as a new mom but as a student of public health, I understand the evidence-based research now.” – (author to be disclosed later in this post) The above statement was made in reference to vaccines a … Continue reading

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Doctor 007

Let’s imagine an action-packed screenplay full of suspense and intrigue and romance (just a little) and… medicine.  Yes, medicine. And why not? After all, in medicine we have potential for biochemical warfare, technological advances in diagnosing infectious disease in relatively … Continue reading

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The Vaccine-Autism (Dis)connection

A recent briefing by the King County Public Health Department addressed the recent retraction of Andrew Wakefield’s pivotal, but extremely flawed – fraudulent – article in Lancet.  Recall that the initial 1998 publication implicated MMR vaccination in the development of autism … Continue reading

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New guidelines on the “whooping cough” vaccine

I recently went to the American College of Physicians Chapter Meeting in Seattle and came away with a lot of great information, including a significant change in immunization of adults against pertussis (whooping cough). When patients need a booster of … Continue reading

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