Dear Electronic Medical Record

Dear EMR (Electronic Medical Record),

Where to start? When we first met, I was enamored. We were both young and much less jaded back then. Things were simple. You knew what I needed and I knew what you needed. And it worked. But a lot has changed over the years. Our initially simple relationship has gotten messy and much more complicated. I still want you in my life because I believe in you and your potential. Your intention is definitely good, but as I’ve gotten to know you over the past few years, it’s gotten hard to tease out the real you from all the other stresses. You are constantly pre-occupied with the finances and have become more demanding. I am willing to forgive you for hanging out with the girls in billing and the lady lawyers in their fancy high heels. I won’t leave you, and, anyway, we’re practically inseparable at this point. But I do keep vacillating between just working around the idiosyncrasies you’ve developed and trying to change you back to your previous self. But, we both know that won’t happen, don’t we? We won’t ever be that simple or young again. But let’s not forget for whom we should really exist… each other.

Image: Simon Howden /