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Kids get it.

Children never cease to amaze me. During the holidays in our office, we had on our checkout desk a simple white Christmas tree the size of an 8oz paper coffee cup. It lit up and was a small part of … Continue reading

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#DearPatient, just thought you should know

#DearPatient It’s midnight. I’m still up… …documenting and reviewing your chart. Trying to find out what ails you. Just thought you should know. I am not Marcus Welby. But I am your primary care doctor. Yours. ……Truly.

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It was a quiet year….

Two Thousand Thirteen was a quiet year for my blog. But it was a busy year of doctoring with 10-12 hours in clinic most days, an additional 2-3 at night, plus a few hours on most weekends. [We can analyze why over … Continue reading

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Social Media Encourages Initiators in Medicine

Funny how the blogosphere echoes some of the thoughts that have been incubating in my own mind… A few posts have caught my eye recently. One that I have been meaning to comment on was Dr. Vartabedian’s piece “Do You Initiate or Respond?” … Continue reading

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Difficult Interactions in Medicine: Lessons to be learned from the food service industry?

She sat in her crisp, white coat, probably not much older than I am now, leaning back with all of the assurance of someone who recently completed a cardiology fellowship, newly hired by the academic medical center to which I … Continue reading

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Is There Pressure to be Informed?

I recently had the opportunity to speak to employees of King County, WA about finding credible health information online. During the Q&A a few interesting questions were posed (rephrased here): Does my doctor expect me to have looked up my … Continue reading

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A Message Worth Repeating

I thought to myself, “I am not going to post a link to this article. It has been circulated many times already on Twitter over the past week.” But I read it. Not once. Not twice. THREE times. I shared … Continue reading

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