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#DearPatient, just thought you should know

#DearPatient It’s midnight. I’m still up… …documenting and reviewing your chart. Trying to find out what ails you. Just thought you should know. I am not Marcus Welby. But I am your primary care doctor. Yours. ……Truly.

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Useful links on Measles and vaccination (supplementing Seattle Times column)

My column on measles and vaccination appeared in this past Sunday’s Seattle Times. Here are some informative links to articles to help continue to inform/educate the reader on this important topic: CDC information on measles Benjamin Franklin’s story Infographic 5 GIFs … Continue reading

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It was a quiet year….

Two Thousand Thirteen was a quiet year for my blog. But it was a busy year of doctoring with 10-12 hours in clinic most days, an additional 2-3 at night, plus a few hours on most weekends. [We can analyze why over … Continue reading

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“Surely there is something absurd when a nation pays a primary care physician poorly relative to other specialists and then wrings its hands over a shortage of primary care physicians.” – Princeton University economist Uwe Reinhardt source: New York Times … Continue reading

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