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Dear TV Producers, You Forgot to Say “Don’t Try This at Home.”

Confession: I have been watching the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I don’t typically have time to watch television, but I end up attaching myself to one reality series for a season. Most often, it is a … Continue reading

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A Message Worth Repeating

I thought to myself, “I am not going to post a link to this article. It has been circulated many times already on Twitter over the past week.” But I read it. Not once. Not twice. THREE times. I shared … Continue reading

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For Safe Grilling, Use a Meat Thermometer

It’s the Fourth of July and you’re ready to have your friends and family over for a barbeque. You’re setting up your grill and going down your checklist. Meat? Check. Buns? Check. Beer? Check. Meat thermometer….? What’s that? No thermometer? … Continue reading

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What You Should “Pack” if You Are a Nomadic Healthcare User

  Are you a nomadic healthcare user? ______________________________ no·mad noun \ˈnō-ˌmad, British also ˈnä-\ 1 : a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory 2 … Continue reading

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There is a Plan B (and Sometimes a C,D,and E…)

Let’s say you are a patient and you see your doctor for a rash. He evaluates you and gives you a cream to try. The rash doesn’t go away. What is your next response? Go to another doctor because that … Continue reading

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Healthier in 2011: There’s an App for That

This is it: the first workday after New Year’s. Do you have your plan in place for being healthier in 2011? Here are two important tips to stay accountable: Make sure you commit to your workout days, by circling them … Continue reading

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Healthier in 2011: Part 3 – Inspired by Recipes

This New Year, I will be cooking more. (Notice I did not say “I plan to” or “I would like to.” It’s best to be committed to making it happen). I used to cook so much more in the past, … Continue reading

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